Life is a beach


Summer is very short in Minnesota, never passing out a chance to be outdoors. Being outdoors here means getting “love bites” by bugs and bloody huge nasty mosquitoes or getting bake by the sun. As always, being terrified, I am always fully geared!

We didn’t go too far from home, just to a beach close by. Thinking we were going to soak up some sun and because it was the mid week, we might get the whole beach by ourselves. Wrong and wrong again! There was zero sunshine and tons of screaming little children – we forgot schools out.

O well! We will attempt again sometime soon. At least I was fully “protected”! Two different kinds of sunscreens. O! Don't forget to SPF your lips too. Lemongrass essential oil to keep bugs away. Water to stay hydrated. Unscented baby wipes to keep hands clean. Vitamin E, for the unforeseen bites or cuts. 

Here are some of favorites products, I must have when I am outdoor-ing.


Nature's Gate Vitamin E $7.79

Supergoop! SPF 40 Sunscreen $28

Supergoop! play 50 Sunscreen $13

Alba Botanica Lip Care SPF 25 $2.30

Aura Cacia Lemongrass $4.59

Target Unscented Baby Wipes $1.49

Boxed Water Is Better  $2