One cannot have too many cleansers. I believe clean face is the beginning of good skin care. Not all cleansers are created equal, hence here are of some of my current favorites.

La Mer the cleansing foam I have to admit this cleanser has been a “current” favorite for the longest time. I guess one reason is because it last forever! A little goes a long way. It is pricy but completely worth every penny if you love a squeaky clean face. I usually use this cleanser in the evening, when I feel my skin is at it’s dirtiest. If I have a full face of makeup, I would use an oil cleanser first, followed by this cleanser.

La Mer the cleansing oil I don’t use this cleanser daily, but only when I have makeup on. I would apply the oil directly onto my face, massage the oil in thoroughly, than wet my face to wash everything off.

fresh SOY FACE CLEANSER This has been my go to cleanser in the morning. It is very mild and gentle on the skin.  It isn’t very foamy, hence rinse off easily. A great cleanser to refresh my skin for my morning beauty routine.

FIRST AID BEAUTY Skin Rescue Purifying Mask With Red Clay I got this little guy in Sephora’s Play!. This travel size sits handy in my yoga bag, using it only if shower after workouts at Corepower Yoga. I only discover this brand by using their samples and I am falling in love with their stuff. This cleanser cleans well, but does not dry out my skin. I would say it would fall in between the La Mer the cleansing foam and fresh SOY FACE CLEANSER and it's price point will make everyone happy.


Thanks for checking in and do share what are some of your favorite cleansers.