A good skin prep can make a huge difference on how the serums and lotions will be absorbed. It can also help decongests the skin and keeps it hydrated. Here are my recent favorites: 


LA MER The Treatment Lotion 5oz $140

This baby has been on my regimen for years. I use daily in the mornings and nights before applying any serums. It glides on silky, immediately hydrating my skin and allowing all the other serums and lotions to be absorbed more efficiently.

May Coop Raw Sauce 1.35oz $15

I am down to my third bottle and I am still loving it. Its price point is perfect and has a luxurious feel when applied. I use this mainly on days I have to workout - My heart does ache when I apply all my fancy stuff and see it drip away in sweat. Hence, it is my go-to in the morning when I am prepping my skin before heading out to yoga or the gym and is used right after I shower at the yoga studio. The size of the bottle makes it easy to carry around, so it has a permanent place in my yoga bag.

MARIO BADESCU Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion 8oz $15

Right after cleansing my face every morning and night, this is applied immediately. It helps with fine lines, discoloration and sure makes my skin feel a little more cleansed, cleaned and ready to take on the other 38 serums and lotions I am about to apply. JK, just maybe another 6 things I have put onto my skin. 

MARIO BADESCU Glycolic Acid Toner 8oz $18

This is the next step after I use Grapefruit cleansing lotion, making my skin feel extra squeaky clean and fresh. It is also help fight wrinkles and reduce discoloration. So, power to this acid toner!