For the last couple of months we have been living and breathing the remodeling house life. There is still lots more to be done on our never- ending list.

We recently bought a spilt level home that needed a major makeover! We had been looking at houses that needed the works, as I was very specific about how I wanted the space to look. We did not want a house that has too many stairs nor an unfinished basement. Hence, a spilt level home was the perfect answer. The house is divided enough where each room has its own focus, yet it has an openness feeling.


When it comes to styling, I personally try to stick with timely and timeless pieces, gearing towards a modern bohemian look. Since we have so many little dogs, I constantly have to keep in mind that my ideas, designs or any furniture pieces I pick out have to be dog friendly.


To be honest, we procrastinated about the stairs, flopping between the idea of a slick modern stairs railing or modified what we already had. After months of debate, we decided to keep the existing railing because a steel railing is just a little too modern for my style. The carpet had to go and we needed a runner for all the dogs to get some traction going up and down the stairs. Deciding a paint color was easy, black, to keep things neutral and it would be a much easier color to maintain. A printed runner was a must to break up the heaviness of the black, plus it would be harder to spot any stains the dogs might leave behind.


I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing my home with you all. As we progress, there will be a lot more before and after photos, designs and shopping ideas on the blog. Next up, the kitchen...




Stair runner rug from Target, similar.

Faux fur throw from West Elm.

Large accordion vase from West Elm

Fiddle leaf fig plant from Tangletown Gardens.

Black paint by Behr Marquee, Little black dress, in semi gloss from Home Depot.

Tall black pot from Home Depot