Helloooo Friends!!!

Finally! Here is our entryway makeover! 


It was such an unsightly space. Walking in and out of the house was terribly painful to look at with brown doors, tacky laminate floors and a tiny coat closet. 


We replaced the laminate flooring with grey vinyl flooring, which was really easy to install - being rookies it made the process of DIYing a breeze. It has withheld the abuse from the dogs running around and us constantly hauling stuff in and out of the house.


Having only a panel of glass by the side of the front door, it reduces the amount of light coming in. Painting the walls white helped brighten the space and painting the doors black added contrast to the space.

By removing the coat closet doors, making the closet part of the entryway made the area feel a little larger. There were two issues while designing the coat closet.

1. I couldn't find a bench that would fit the closet.

2. I needed some storage space for hats, gloves, dog collars, leashes and miscellaneous household items.

In order to improvise, I went to IKEA and got 2 drawer chests and a tabletop. Frank mounted the pieces together turning it into a bench and L bracketed it to the wall. To soften and add comfort to the bench, I added a couple of pillows. 


To add some texture to the closet wall, I skipped the traditional coat hook rack, and chose round wooden and black marble coat hooks. We probably won't see much of the coat hooks during winter but when summer comes around and there is nothing to be hung, at least the coat hooks will look more like art fixtures.



On the side of the closet wall, I added a couple of BJÄRNUM folding hooks from IKEA. I could always use more hooks in the winter but when the season ends and we have nothing else to hang, I can always have the option of folding up the hooks. 




Repurposing an old photo ledge as a place storage place for keys, receipts and stuff - well, basically a place where Frank gets to empty his pockets. A mirror by the entryway is definitely a must because it is always good to make sure we don’t look hideous when we leave the house. Finally, never a bad idea to have extra seating area by the entryway!

This project was one of our very first few to tackle after we moved in. As the months passed and seasons changed, we got a feel of what we needed in our entryway. I am sure there will be more to be improved and added on.

For now, we are off to tackle another home project!.



Folding hooks, IKEA

Black round wooden coat hooks, CB2

Black marble coat hooks, CB2

Black photo ledge, IKEA

Black drawer chest, IKEA


Pillowcases, H&M Home

Rattan mirror, old

Black and gold bench, old