I had to take a break from blogging and sharing. We have such short and unpredictable Minnesota summer that once the warm weather hits, we put on our working boots and started working on the outside of the house. Okay, not quite working boots, but really old, torn, tattered, and paint-stained work clothes - you get the idea. 

I have already shared these photos with you on my ig and it is stored in my highlights if you ever need to reference back. So here is the recap and details on on this space:


When we first moved in, the dining room was on of the first few spaces that we tackled after we painted all the walls, scraped the popcorn ceiling and put in all new flooring. Even though the space was cleaned out, we were still unable to enjoy it for weeks, as it became our makeshift kitchen for a couple of weeks.


Like the rest of the house, the walls are painted white, I really wanted the space to feel spacious and airy. Painting this area was a little tricky because we have very high ceilings. Besides fighting with the ladder, trying to paint in high heights took some getting used to.


Adding some art works and plants can help break this white space.


Have a dog bed in the dinning area was essential for my sanity. We have beggars and it is a great excuse to send them away - Go night night, you must be so tired!


This little corner is my area where I store some items so dear to me. Our dining area is very small and I needed to be mindful of making the space feel cluttered. So finding this transparent pixel glass side table was a blessing.


This chandelier is by Stray Dog Designs. We got it about 8 years ago or so and I LOVE this light so much, that I was having anxiety when it was been moved from our old house. It is paper marche so extra care is much needed with this light fixture. It did have to be rewired so that we could hang it in the dining room.


This dinning room set is from Room and Board. The table is perfect for us two and if we have guest we can open it up and fit 12 people- snugly. 

I hope you enjoy this after & before of the dining area. Meanwhile, if you need me, I would be outside baking in the sun getting the yard cleaned up!