Here is where I started my practice almost 7 years ago, Corepower Yoga studio in St Paul. Then, I took mostly the hot yoga classes, due to numerous wrist surgeries that limited my practice. As I healed and my yoga needs started changing over the years, Yoga Sculpt are now my primary go-to classes.

I try to practice at least 4 times a week or 5 if my body permits me to. At least 2 sculpt classes, 1 core cardio class or another sculpt classes and 1 regular Vinyasa yoga class. All the classes are heated and weights are being used, unless it is a regular Vinyasa practice. 

I crave for the heat, especially during our long winter months. The loud music and group workout is especially motivating for me. So many inspiring yogis around sharing their positive vibes, making the classes feel less like work but more like fun. 

I have tried the gym and do have a gym membership - still paying for it. But, I haven't step foot in that space for more than 6 months. The gym is cold and dry place. One has to be mentally pumped to be there. I don't have such a drive; the gym thingy shall never be my forte. 

We all exercise for different reasons. I always believe no one two workouts regime is the same. Find a workout that speaks to you and it will be much easier to keep to a regular routine. Promise, your mind and body will be so pleased you did that.