Taking a bath once a week is a great way to recharge and restart the mind and body. Adding in some bath salts during a bath can help the skin stay soft and supple. The minerals in the salt also soothe tired and sore muscles.

Always a million things on my mind and a need to check my phone constantly to keep up with all my social medias. Taking a half an hour bath once a week forces me to "shut" off from the world.

I tend to use more bath salts than bath bombs. Just because the minerals in salt work magic on my aching muscles. But if I am on the market for bath bombs, Whole Foods market carries some delicious scents. Milk and honey is definitely my favorite pick! 

On days that I feel that my skin needs a good "pick me up" or I have a dinner date planned, The Seaweed Bath Co Hydrating Bath works magic. Seaweed has vitamin C, which is great for skin and anti-inflammatory properties that helps soothes the muscle.  

For fancy nights, Valentina's Natural mineral bath salts with essential oils of jasmine, sandalwood and vanilla blend with natural sea salt, help mellows my mind, relax the body and smell yummy after a good soak. 

For most baths, Saltworks Espom Salts with a couple drops of organic lavender essential works perfectly well. 

No matter what sort of bath salt or bombs I use, a good bath always help recharge the mind


Valentina's Natural Mineral Bath Salts with Essential oil of Jasmine, Sandalwood & Vanilla blended with Natural Sea Salts 2.5OZ $3.50

The Seaweed Bath. Co Hydrating Seaweed Bath with Sea Salt + Argan oil + Kukui Oil 2OZ $3.99

Saltworks Premium Epsom Salt Crystals 5lb $6.50

WHOLE FOODS MARKET Fizzing Bath Bomb Milk & Honey 23OZ $1.99