When my schedule gets hectic the tempetation to slack on eating well runs high. Cooking a meal will be the last thing I wish to do, when it is much easier to get takeout. Here are 4 tips on how I keep myself on track.


Pre-washed salad mix

Bagged or box salads are quick and convenient to use. I can make a salad out of a box of mix greens or sauté pre-washed baby spinach with some garlic powder and sea salt. Both meals are light, nutritious and super fast to make.

Tortillas wraps & hummus

There is always a bag of Ezenkiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Tortillas in my freezer and hummus sitting in the fridge. The wraps are high in fiber and hummus are protein packed. Add some pre-washed salad mix, dried cranberries, roll it up and enjoy. So simple so yummy!

Meal replacements

Best thing that is invented! Pour the mix in a shaker and drink it. I usually get Garden of life Raw Organic Meal replacements. It is made up of sprouts and seeds, plus a scoop would contain 20gs of protein and has only 1g of sugar.


There is no right or wrong when it comes to smoothies. I will toss some fruits and vegetables with a scoop of protein powder into a Vitamix. Blend it well and enjoy. Vega Sport Performance Protein Berry is my current favorite; per serving contains 30g of protein!


Hope some of my tips will be able to help you stay on track with eating well!