4 Food To Curb My Cravings

O darn cravings! Some days my mind and body fight over what I really want or should eat. To curb my cravings and not slip into a deep unhealthy food coma, here are my 4 healthy alternatives:


Skinny Pop is my favorite. It is lower in calories, fat and sodium. The taste of fat and salt helps trick my mind that I am eating a “cheat” meal.


Paromi Tea Chamomile Lavender puts a stop to unwanted late night cravings or when I am confused if I am really hungry or just greedy for some food.


When I want that buttery fat taste melting in my mouth, this fruit becomes my best friend.

Frozen blueberries

The sugar monster in me escapes from time to time. To tame the beast, I will have frozen berries or even pineapple. I get the satisfaction without the guilt.



Hope this little secret of mine can help you keep your food craving sanity in check.

Cheers to good health my friends.