4 hacks to prevent myself from overeating

I love food but I love my body more. But that doesn’t mean I would deprive myself of an experience. I just have to be smarter when I eat out.

Here are some of my hacks:

Never go hungry

There is always food sitting in the back seat waiting to be consumed. It could be anything from a bag of nuts, a bowl of oatmeal, a variety of green juice or a fruit. Letting my body go into starvation means I risk ordering dishes I may regret later or I would over indulge. This way, I will order meals sensibly and not on impulse. 


I love ordering salads. It is a good way of making sure I am getting my daily needed greens. I tend to order salads that come with nuts or something that is “meatier” like mushrooms. That way, I feel fuller and more satisfied. 

Half portions

Some restaurants have half size portions dishes. If they don’t, I will request to have half the dish packed into a takeout box. That way, I am not worry about over eating and can truly enjoy my meal.

Have a piece of bread

My daily meals don’t usually include bread. Even if I have a piece of toast, it will be a slice of Ezekiel 4:9 Whole Grain Bread. So I would allow myself to indulge and not be guilty about it. Plus, bread fills me up quick and I would usually tend to eat less of my main meal.

Hope this helps you out when you eat out the next time. Stay well my friends.