So I got wind that Victoria Secret semi-annual sale starts today! So I made Frank take me there after the girls got done with school. I desperately need to buy some brasssssss! A clean diet and working out at least 6 days a week have caused my boobies to disappear. I am so sad! I have never been so “flat” but I guess something had to be sacrifice in order to be leaner and toner. Now I totally understand why so many models have boob jobs - not saying I want or need one. It is quite depressing to go buy new bras. The only comfort is the smaller size bras are so cute!

So let me back track little, since I last spilled me thoughts.  Dad came to visit the first week of June. It was only for the weekend because he wanted Rain to compete at the USDAA trial. That trial was also Sanuk and Dounai’s first run. Sanuk surprised me and did great. Dounai, on the other hand, was a mess, all she wanted is me.  We were all sad about her freaking out and running out of the ring twice in search of ME! Frank quickly got over the disappointment and decided to put in extra time with Dounai, hoping she will bond with him more.

It was great seeing dad. He too is on a cleansing diet and lost a good amount of weight. He aged a lot too from being in the sun all the time! It was rather odd to see him because felt he never addressed my sexual abused. We both just swept the subject under rug, which makes me sad. It is like he doesn’t care or chose not to care.  Out of sight out of mind, right?! So because of how I was feeling, starting a conversation with dad was such an effort. I didn’t know what to say or ask. But on our last night, while having dinner, I told dad about my abilities to speak to the dead. I was shocked that he was intrigued and totally believed what I said.  Feeling so supportive, I have decided to learn how to enhance this gift of mine. Pray and hope all goes well for me…. Dad did mentioned that he wants to come back later in the summer to spend some times with us, maybe than we will find a chance to talk things out.

Last Sunday, we had our little friends over for a BBQ. Fun fun fun! Always good to have them over. Talking crap always help relieve some stress. Love those kids!

Alright. Need to get back to working on our TakeOut Blog……


Outfit- Top & Pants: Lululemon. Shoes: Vibram Five Fingers