Sunday Sunday Sunday! I love Sundays!!!

We did 75mins yoga sculpt this morning. It felt like the class was never going to end. My ass is actually hurting from all those wonderful squats we did in class. I “forgot” to mention to our little friends that it was going to be a 75mins class, and some of them got “mad”.

Brunch was much needed after getting our butts kicked. Grand Café is always one of our favs to hit for brunch. I was craving so bad for pancakes. Or course, it taste so yummy when I ate it. But I think I had a little too much maple syrup….so belly was feeling yucky! Some days I really feel like giving up on eating clean. I hate the “I don’t know what to order” “My belly is not good feeling” “I wish I can have that” feelings. I know complain a lot about my belly. I just can’t help it! Can I really indulge in everything I love to eat and still be lean? Really?!

I was very tempted to not go home and stay in the cities a little while longer, but decided to head home instead. Good choice. Had a lazy afternoon and napped till 8pm! Love naps but hate the sluggish feeling when I get up. If I wasn’t starving, I would have chosen to be up tomorrow morning!

Decided to use my sleepless night and cleaned up some paper work. Made the final decision not to go to Las Vegas for the convention, so that we can use the money to pay off some debt -2013 is the year we vowed to pay up all debts! 6 years in debt just for the business feels like a long time! Saw a Lavin bag I really want to buy but had to just look at the photos and just drool over it – debt first, bag later. Finally, made the decision to hire someone for work – my hands are not feeling it. For 6 years, I have put my business first and body second. Things have changed… I have started to love myself first and everything else second…



Outfit -  Me. Dress: no brand. Sandals: BCBG. Frank. Polo T: Club Monaco. Jeans: Standard Cloth. Shoes: Cole Haan.